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Little Picnic Company creates luxurious picnics for you, whilst focusing on using locally sourced products and ensuring sustainability throughout.

the good stuff

Our mission is to use locally grown and supplied ingredients wherever possible. We source as many of our products from West Sussex, Surrey and the surrounding areas.


In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to overlook the impact our purchasing decisions can have on the environment. However, by shifting towards locally sourced products, we not only reduce carbon emissions and support our local communities, but also provide you with the freshest ingredients throughout our picnics!


All of our picnic are made fresh each morning.


The Little picnic company have a responsibility to reduce the amount of plastic in the picnics we provide to you.


We have made a big step forward in doing this, by removing plastic plates, cutlery and unnecessary plastic pots. We have replaced these items with bamboo and paper materials, made of recycled products.

We kindly ask you to also do your part and dispose of the hampers responsibly!

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